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    In our experience, companies who produce documentation in English as well as their native language, regularly lose the correct meaning of words and phrases once translated. It is also evident that if a word does not have the correct spelling but is still correct in terms of being an ‘English dictionary’ word, then the word will not necessarily be highlighted by an electronic grammar/spelling check tool, thus the word or phrase may take on a completely different meaning than was originally intended by the author. We will proofread your document and where necessary edit so as to present the true intended meaning in English. This in turn ensures that your company presents a professional and competent image as intended. The extent of our Proof Reading service covers such documentation as Technical presentations, User manuals, General publications, Advertising & Marketing presentations. In fact anything which your business is intending to professionally present to an English speaking market. .

    Using our service couldn’t be simpler !

    All you need to do is email us your completed document with the intended English translation whereupon we will clearly highlight corrections and on completion return, via email, both your original document and our corrected version.
    Alternatively you may wish to FTP your documents to a secure site maintained on our server. This area will be password protected and specifically dedicated to your company.
    We are also prepared to accept hard copies of the relevant documentation and on completion we will return both your original copy and revised copy containing the required changes. Full detail of these changes will be listed in a 3rd document with line and page references.

    A quality, well presented product is the sign of a quality, professional business which stands out above its competitors and can be clearly identified as a leader in the worldwide market.

    Our primary mission is to provide the professional industry with quality solutions. We have developed a unique program with an approach designed to improve outcomes for both suppliers and clients. To achieve that goal, we work closely with each client to better understand the unique challenges involved.

    Industries we support include:

    • All nature of business reliant upon English as a 2nd language
    • Finance Industry
    • Local Authorities
    • Educational Establishments
    • Advertising and Marketing
    • Airline associated industry
    • Utility Companies

    Proof Reading Services include:

    • Correction of mis-spelling
    • Phrase Correction
    • Grammar Correction
    • Integration
    • Technical Definition

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